Généreux, Michel

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Starting February 2014, I will be working at EURAC, Italy.
NEW  Starting January 2016, I will be working at McMaster University, Canada.
E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it 0036t-scale
Phone: +351217904958
Academic Degree: Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.)
Professional Status: Researcher                               
CLUL's Research Sector: ANAGRAMA
Research Areas: corpus infrastructure and access, information extraction, text analysis for the detection of crisis and to assist financial decisions, classification and summary of opinionated texts, sentiment analysis, terminology extraction

Academic Degrees:
  • 2004 Doctor in Computational Linguistics, University of Vienna.
  • 1999 Master in Computational Linguistics, University of Essex.
  • 1990 Bachelor in Computer Engineering, École Polytechnique de Montréal.
  • 1987 Bachelor in Physics, Université de Montréal.

Ongoing Project
  • Post-Doc in the group ANAGRAMA of the Center for Linguistics of the University of Lisbon. Working on the implementation of the infrastructures for the Reference Corpus of Contemporary Portuguese (CRPC, 350 millions words).
  • The Origins and Development of Creole Societies in the Gulf of Guinea: An Interdisciplinary Study. [link]

Past Projects

  • Post-Doc in the project Infomagic, Laboratoire d'Informatique de Paris-Nord (France). Old site .
  • Research Fellow in the EPOCH project, Natural Language Technology Group (UK).
  • Auxiliary Researcher in NICE project, Natural Interactivity System Laboratory (Denmark).
  • Junior Researcher in the project MultiModWebAccess,  Austrian Institute for Artificial Intelligence (Austria).

  • Corpus Linguistics: site


  • Portuguese corpus of social media: (to come)

Publications and Talks

  • Michel Généreux and Tjerk Hagemeijer.
    Quantitative experiments with the basic vocabulary of the Gulf of Guinea Creoles (pdf_download)
    Time and Space in Linguistics: Interdisciplinary Computational Approaches & Cross-Creole Comparisons AARHUS UNIVERSITY, JANUARY 15-16, 2014.

  • Michel Généreux, Amália Mendes and Thierry Hamon.
    Experiments in synonymy: term extraction and mapping to concepts (pdf_download)
    10th International Conference on Terminology and Artificial Intelligence. Paris, 28 - 30 October 2013.

  • Michel Généreux and Roger Evans.
    Moods and Moral values in Blog Posts (pdf_download)
    WACAI 2012 - Workshop Affect, Compagnon Artificiel, Interaction. Grenoble - 15 et 16 Novembre 2012.

  • Amália Mendes, Michel Généreux, Iris Hendrickx, Luísa Pereira, Maria Fernanda Bacelar do Nascimento and Sandra Antunes.
    CQPWeb: uma nova plataforma de pesquisa para o CRPC (pdf_download)
    Selected texts from the 27th National Meeting of the Portuguese Association of Linguistics (ENAPL), 26, 27 and 28 October 2011, Lisbon.

  • Michel Généreux, Iris Hendrickx and Amália Mendes.
    Introducing the Reference Corpus of Contemporary Portuguese Online (pdf_download)
    LREC 2012, Istanbul, Turkey, 23-25 May.

  • Michel Généreux and William Martinez.
    Contrasting objective and subjective Portuguese texts from heterogeneous sources (pdf_download)
    Innovative hybrid approaches to the processing of textual data, EACL 2012, Workshop, April 23, 2012, Avignon, France.

  • Michel Généreux, Iris Hendrickx e Amália Mendes.
    A large Portuguese corpus on-line: cleaning and preprocessing(pdf_download)
    International Conference on Computational Processing of the Portuguese Language (PROPOR 2012), Coimbra, Portugal, 17-20 April 2012.

  • Michel Généreux, Thierry Poibeau and Moshe Koppel.
    Sentiment analysis using automatically labelled financial news items
    Book chapter "Sentiment Analysis and Affective Computing, p. 111-125, Springer.

  • Iris Hendrickx, Michel Généreux and Rita Marquilhas.
    Automatic Pragmatic Text Segmentation of Historical Letters (pdf_download)
    Book chapter "Language Technology for Cultural Heritage", p. 135-153, Springer.

  • Aurélien Bossard, Michel Généreux and Thierry Poibeau.
    Résumé automatique de textes d’opinion (pdf_download)
    Journal Traitement Automatique des Langues. Volume 51 – n°3/2010, France.

  • Philippe Capet, Thomas Delavallade, Michel Généreux, Thierry Poibeau, Agnes Sandor et Stavroula Voyatzi.
    Un système de détection de crise basé sur l’extraction automatique d’événements (pdf_download)
    In Sémantique et multimodalité en analyse de l'information (sous la dir. de M. Campedel et P. Hoogstoël). Lavoisier, Paris, ISBN 978-2-7462-3139-9. pp. 293--313.

  • Iris Hendrickx, Michel Généreux and Rita Marquilhas.
    Automatic Pragmatic Text Segmentation of Historical Letters. (pdf_download)
    ECAI 2010 workshop on Language Technology for Cultural Heritage, Social Sciences, and Humanities August 16, 2010 Lisbon, Portugal

  • Michel Généreux.
    Classification de textes en comparant les fréquences lexicales. (pdf_download)
    DEFT 2010, Montréal, Canada, 23 juillet 2010.

  • Michel Généreux, Rita Marquilhas and Iris Hendrickx.
    Segmentation Automatique de Lettres Historiques. (pdf_download)
    TALN 2010, Montréal, Canada, Du 19 au 23 juillet 2010.

  • Michel Généreux, Amália Mendes, L. Alice Santos Pereira and M. Fernanda Bacelar do Nascimento
    Lexical analysis of pre and post revolution discourse in Portugal. (pdf_download)
    THIRD WORKSHOP ON BUILDING AND USING COMPARABLE CORPORA. LREC 2010 post-conference workshop, 22 May 2010. Mediterranean Conference Centre, La Valletta, Malta.

  • Michel Généreux and Aurélien Bossard.
    Résumé automatique de textes d'opinions. (pdf_download)
    TALN 2009, 24-26 juin 2009. Senlis, France.

  • Michel Généreux and Thierry Poibeau.
    Approche mixte utilisant des outils et ressources pour l'anglais pour l'identification de fragments textuels subjectifs français (pdf_download)
    DEFT 2009, Atelier de clôture, 22 juin 2009, Paris, France.

  • Michel Généreux.
    Summarizing a Blog Search Engine Hits (pdf_download)
    WWW 2009, Workshop on Web Search Result Summarization and Presentation. April 20th 2009. Madrid, Spain.

  • Aurélien Bossard, Michel Généreux and Thierry Poibeau.
    CBSEAS, a Summarization System Integration of Opinion Mining Techniques to Summarize Blogs (pdf_download)
    EACL 2009, System Demonstration. 30 March - 3 April 2009. Athens, Greece.

  • Aurélien Bossard, Michel Généreux and Thierry Poibeau.
    Description of the LIPN Systems at TAC2008: Summarizing Information and Opinions (pdf_download)
    Text Analysis Conference 2008, Workshop on Summarization Tracks, November 17-19 2008, National Institute of Standards and Technology, Gaithersburg, Maryland USA.

  • Michel Généreux, Thierry Poibeau and Moshe Koppel.
    Sentiment analysis using automatically labelled financial news (pdf_download)
    LREC 2008 Workshop on Sentiment Analysis: Emotion, Metaphor, Ontology and Terminology, 27 May 2008, Marrakech, Morocco.

  • Michel Généreux and Marina Santini.
    Exploring the use of Linguistic Features in Sentiment Analysis (pdf_download)
    Corpus Linguistics 2007 - 27-30 July 2007, Birmingham.

  • Michel Généreux and Marina Santini.
    Défi: Classification de Textes Français Subjectifs (pdf_download)
    3ième DÉfi Fouille de Textes - 3rd July 2007, Grenoble.

  • Michel Généreux.
    Cultural Heritage Digital Resources: from Extraction to Querying (pdf_download)
    Workshop of ACL 2007 - Language Technology for Cultural Heritage, 28th June, Prague.

  • Michel Généreux and Franco Niccolucci.
    Extraction and mapping of CIDOC-CRM encodings from texts and other digital formats (pdf_download)
    The 7th International Symposium on Virtual Reality, Archeology and Cultural Heritage (VAST 2006), 30 Oct - 4 Nov, Nicosia, Cyprus.

  • Karina Rodriguez-Echavarria, Tudor Jenkins, Craig Moore, Michel Généreux andDavid B. Arnold.
    Integration issues for tools to create interactive Cultural Heritage experiences (pdf_download)
    The 7th International Symposium on Virtual Reality, Archeology and Cultural Heritage (VAST 2006), 30 Oct - 4 Nov, Nicosia, Cyprus.

  • Michel Généreux and Roger Evans.
    Towards a validated model for affective classification of texts (pdf_download)
    Sentiment and Subjectivity in Text, Workshop at the Annual Meeting of the Association of Computational Linguistics (ACL 2006), Sydney, Australia, July 22, 2006.

  • Michel Généreux and Roger Evans.
    Distinguishing affective states in weblog posts (pdf_download)
    Computational Approaches to Analysing Weblogs, AAAI-CAAW 2006, March 27-29, 2006, Stanford University, California, USA.

  • Karina Rodriguez Echavarria, Michel Généreux, Davis B. Arnold, Andrew M. Day andJohn R.W. Glauert.
    Multilingual Virtual City Guides ()
    Invited paper, Graphicon 2005, June 20-23, Novosibirsk, Russia.

  • Michel Généreux.
    Efficient Semantic Parsing of Conversational Speech (pdf_download)
    In proceedings of HLT2005, April 4 - 6, 2005, Tallinn, Estonia.

  • Michel Généreux.
    Exampled-Based Semantic Parsing of Conversational Speech (Powerpoint)
    ITRI Seminar, March 17th, 2005, Brighton, UK.

  • Michel Généreux.
    Towards Stochastic Modeling of Spoken Dialogue Systems (pdf_download, Contents)
    Doktorat Dissertation, July 2004, University of Vienna, Austria.

  • Michel Généreux.
    Un analyseur sémantique pour les langues naturelles basé sur des exemples (Powerpoint)
    Poster presentation at TALN2002, June 24 - 27, 2002, Nancy, France.

  • Michel Généreux.
    An Example-Based Semantic Parser for Natural Language (pdf_download)
    In proceedings of EMCSR2002, April 2 - 5, 2002, Vienna, Austria.
    Co-awarded best paper for Symposium O: Theory and Applications of Artificial Intelligence

  • Alexandra Klein, Ingrid Schwank, Michel Généreux and Harald Trost.
    Evaluating Multi-modal Input Modes in a Wizard-of-Oz Study for the Domain of Web Search (pdf_download)
    Presented as a regular paper at HCI-IHM2001, September 10-14, 2001, Lille, France.

  • Alexandra Klein, Ingrid Schwank, Michel Généreux and Harald Trost.
    Eine multimodale Suchmaschine für Nachrichtentexte: Architektur und Benutzer-Vorstudie (pdf_download)
    Österreichische Gesellschaft für Artificial Intelligence Journal, Jahrgang 2001, Nr. 1.

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